Joy Switch

The Joy Switch

How Your Brain's Secret Circuit Affects Your Relationships - And How You Can Activate It

Life is hard when you're not yourself.

Why do we sometimes feel more connected in our relationships than at other times? Perhaps you sometimes find it easy and exciting to spend time with your loved ones—but sometimes, especially when things don’t go according to plan, you feel incapable of connecting in conversations. You then feel distant from those you love most. What if the answer to remaining connected in relationships has been right under your nose—or, rather, right inside your head all along?

Discover the simple switch in your brain that activates—or deactivates—what you most need for relational connectivity: joy. In The Joy Switch, learn how the simple flip of this brain switch either enables you to remain present for those around you or causes you to become overwhelmed—and ultimately inhibited from being your best self—when problems arise. You’ll learn how to maximize your relational brain, how to recognize when your brain’s joy switch is flipped, and how to take steps to restore your relational sweet-spot. This book will help you love others and remain fully connected with yourself while being the best version of who you were made to be.


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a 6-day plan

God created human beings to live joyfully. It’s a gift that He has given and wired into the way that we were created. In this 6-day plan, Chris Coursey helps you identify when your “joy switch” has turned off and provides biblical pathways for living in the joy God gave you.


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